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Unidentified Phenomenon | Guardians Book 2 (Paperback)

Unidentified Phenomenon | Guardians Book 2 (Paperback)

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The chase is on in a world where the line between hero and outlaw blurs.
Mysterious saviors leap from the shadows, criminals disappear into the ether, and the city's underbelly is scorched by inexplicable fires. These events signal the rise of a new guardian—or perhaps a new menace—operating beyond the reach of the law.
In the heart of this storm stand Quinn and Blake, two young men endowed with powers that have become a double-edged sword. As the Department of Homeland Security tightens its grip on the city's pulse, demanding answers and justice, the duo finds themselves in a precarious game of cat and mouse. Their abilities, a secret even to those closest to them, are both their shield and their Achilles' heel.
With each daring rescue and narrow escape, the evidence mounts, and the noose tightens. Quinn and Blake are forced to question: How much longer can they keep their powers concealed? And at what cost?
Unidentified Phenomenon propels you deeper into The Guardian Series, where every action has its consequence, and every secret harbors a story. This thrilling continuation of the Spekter Superhero Universe will challenge your perceptions of justice and heroism.
Dare to dive deeper? Your next adventure awaits. Grab your copy today before the price changes!


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