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Accidental Awakening | Guardians Book 1 (eBook)

Accidental Awakening | Guardians Book 1 (eBook)

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Unleash the power within or become prisoners to those who seek to control it.
What was meant to be a simple camping trip transforms into a journey of discovery and danger for Quinn and Blake, two high school friends on the brink of an extraordinary change. An unexpected encounter in the depths of the forest marks the beginning of their troubles, bringing them face-to-face with the mysterious Victor Kraze. Forced into silence about their discovery, they soon find the very essence of nature bending inexplicably to their will, signaling the birth of abilities beyond their wildest dreams.
As their new powers spiral out of control, Quinn and Blake stand at a crossroads: seek help and risk exposing themselves to the dangers lurking in the shadows or face the increasing chaos alone. But time is a luxury they don't possess. With each passing moment, the threat of harming their loved ones looms closer, and the ever-watchful eyes of Agent Kraze narrow in on their secret.
Accidental Awakening is your gateway into The Guardian Series, laying the foundation of the Spekter Superhero Universe—a world brimming with untapped power, unbreakable friendships, and unforeseen destinies.
Dive into the adventure and discover your power. Grab your copy today before the price changes!


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