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Legend of the Crimson Blaze (eBook)

Legend of the Crimson Blaze (eBook)

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Dive into the untold origins of a hero that shaped an era—before Blue Spekter, there was the legend of the Crimson Blaze!
In the aftermath of betrayal and covert experiments, First Lieutenant Catalina Hernandez faces the unimaginable: resurrection with newfound powers in a morgue's cold embrace. Fueled by a relentless pursuit for justice and answers, Catalina's quest uncovers the dark dealings of the CIA and a clandestine war waged by the enigmatic Order. Her journey for truth takes a personal turn when tragedy strikes close to home, compelling her to confront her demons and the mafia's deadliest in a quest for revenge.
Set against the backdrop of 1965's turbulent times, Catalina—now the formidable Crimson Blaze—ventures into the heart of Baltimore, MD, with a daring plan to expose and dismantle The Order's covert operations on American soil. Amid the shadows of her past and the dangers of her double life, Catalina is caught in a race against time, where failure could mean not just her downfall but the obliteration of the very idea of superheroes.
Legend of the Crimson Blaze catapults readers into a riveting narrative of resilience, betrayal, and the birth of a legend. Fans of Marvel's Black Widow will find themselves captivated by this gripping origin story, where the legacy of Catamount, the Crimson Blaze, begins.
Seize your chance to witness the dawn of the superhero age. Add Legend of the Crimson Blaze to your collection now, before the price changes. This is the second book of The Superhero Age series, enriching the expansive Spekter Superhero Universe with its fiery heart and indomitable spirit.


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