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Purple Spekter Press

Skyler Phoenix (paperback)

Skyler Phoenix (paperback)

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Skyler finally had it all, but for the third time, the state had taken everything away from him.
It wasn't his fault, though, or was it?

If only he hadn't been so stupid...
If only he hadn't been so careless...
If only he hadn't fallen in love with his best friend, Cameron.

Now, sitting in the social worker's SUV, he stared at his new house and the strangers standing on the front steps. His life had been an uphill climb, and now he had to start over.


One day, he might call them family, but he had finally learned his lesson.
This time, Skyler wouldn't be stupid.
This time, Skyler wouldn't be careless.
And no matter what, he definitely, absolutely, wouldn't fall in love with another cute boy.

Skyler Phoenix is the first book of the Love Grows in Honest Places series.


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