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Guardians Series eBook Bundle (Save 40%)

Guardians Series eBook Bundle (Save 40%)

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Unleash Your Inner Superhero with this explosive LGBT Urban Fantasy!

Get all five Guardians ebooks at once! When you buy the Guardians eBook Bundle, you'll receive...

"Full of both action and adventure, you don't want to miss this incredible superhero story!"

The Guardians Series

"Be prepared to be riveted to the story till the last word!"

The Guardians series is the origin story of Quinn McAlester and his best friend Blake Hargreaves, high school classmates who gain superpowers through a freak accident. Quinn is a mildly popular, in-the-closet gay and kindhearted guy who lacks the confidence to be himself wants to see his friends and classmates strive to live their best life. Blake is an unpopular student with an impatient attitude and short-fused temper who resents anyone who seems to have it easy in life. As time passes and their superpowers grow, Quinn and Blake’s friendship crumbles and the boys must make tough choices.

  • Book 1: Accidental Awakening
  • Book 2: Unidentified Phenomenon
  • Book 3: The Rise of Dark Flame
  • Book 4: Ultimate Sacrifice
  • Book 5. Balance of Power
"This is an engrossing story that has not only kept my interest, but is so hard to put down, it has kept me up late at night!"
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"Tech talk, super-heroic philosophy, loving friendship, and teenage romance in a tale of responsibility and redemption. A splendid and fascinating series!"


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