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Dawn of the Superhero Age (Paperback)

Dawn of the Superhero Age (Paperback)

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In a world reborn from the ashes of old battles, the lines between heroes and villains blur, giving rise to a new era of conflict and possibility.
Seventeen-year-old Carlos Domínguez stands on the precipice of destiny, his heart set on reshaping the world. But the path to heroism is fraught with shadows and lies. Waking up with no memories in the chilling embrace of the woods, Carlos is a fugitive from forces he can't recall, with powers he doesn't understand. His flight from unseen enemies leads him to sanctuary, and to the warmth of a kindly couple offering refuge from the storm.
Yet, peace is fleeting. Vanessa, a captivating redhead with ties to his forgotten past, beckons him back to The Order—a mysterious organization that claims to have granted him his extraordinary abilities. As the superhero Blue Spekter enters his life, fragments of Carlos's former existence begin to surface, challenging everything he thought he knew.
Faced with the daunting task of piecing together his identity, Carlos stands at a crossroads, wrestling with the kind of hero he wishes to become. Amidst the turmoil of rediscovery, he must navigate the treacherous waters of trust and deceit, all while uncovering the truth of his connection to the hero in blue and his aversion to the shadowy figure in black.
Dawn of the Superhero Age launches The Superhero Age series, inviting readers into a captivating saga of power, memory, and identity within the sprawling Spekter Superhero Universe™. Fans of Marvel's Avengers will find themselves enthralled by this gripping tale of awakening and the quest for self-discovery.
Embark on the journey. Unravel the mystery. Claim your place in the dawn of a new superhero age. Your adventure awaits—seize it now before the prices changes.


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