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The Rise of Dark Flame | Guardians Book 3 (Paperback)

The Rise of Dark Flame | Guardians Book 3 (Paperback)

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In a world where allegiance can be a weapon, one young hero dares to manipulate the strings of power.
At the tender age of sixteen, Blake finds himself at a crossroads, ensnared in the web of The Order—a clandestine organization with its own vision of justice. Deemed a potential linchpin in their grand scheme, Blake is thrust into a role that could shape the fate of many. Yet, unbeknownst to The Order, he harbors plans of his own.
Amidst this high-stakes game of shadow and light, Quinn emerges as the superhero Blue Spekter, challenging The Order's ambitions and defending the innocent. His resolve sets him on a collision course with Blake, his ally turned potential adversary, orchestrated by The Order's manipulative tactics.
As the tension escalates, the question looms: Can Blake turn the tables on The Order and persuade Quinn to join forces, or will his true intentions be unveiled too soon, shattering their chance to unite against a common foe?
The Rise of Dark Flame ignites the next chapter in The Guardian Series, inviting readers into a labyrinth of intrigue, betrayal, and hidden agendas. This installment of the Spekter Superhero Universe explores the thin line between friend and foe, testing the bonds of friendship and the resilience of heroes in the face of manipulation and deceit.
Embark on a journey where heroes are forged in the shadows. Secure your copy of the saga's thrilling continuation before the price changes.


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